con Amore

Danish version: 1st edition November 2014, 2nd edition April 2016, 3rd edition April 2019

English version: 1st editon December 2015

We feel highly honoured and grateful for the hearty welcome our book has received 

TOSCANA - con Amore is a journey through the ten provinces of this fantastic region. The book is a mix of small and big stories, violent events, everyday life, past and present, great oscillations and quiet fervour

The greatest importance is attributed to food, wine, olive oil, history and culture. Illustrated by Riccardo's beautiful photos

The press wrote:

"Beautiful pictures and enthusiastic words fill this frizzy, seductive and competent introduction to one of the world's most beautiful regions." -

"If you are amongst those who have lost their hearts to this amazing Italian region then you will find it absolutely delightful to browse through this beautiful, new book. (...) The book is packed with amazing photos and inspiring recipes and it gives me an acute desire to travel down south." - Alt for Damerne

"A lovely coffeetable-book about their beloved region - about food wine, olive oil and culture. The perfect gift for everyone who's fond of Italian pleasure." - Søndag

"This beautiful and well-written book is no less than inspiring. Whist reading it I felt a frizzy sense of joy and enthusiasm as the authors described exactly why Tuscany is so stunning." - Toscana Bolig

"An amazing and inspiring culture book on Tuscany - packed with knowledge. The authors are very talented in comunicating the Italian culture to the reader. (...) You quite simply feel happy when reading this book. (...) The book creates a wonderful atmosphere and it is generously illustrated by Riccardo Bartalucci's wonderful photos. (...) TOSCANA is a book on the Italian savoir-vivre of the hightest quality. Buy it, read it and savour it!"-